Subject: Large files/binaries
From: Daniel Pawtowski
Date: 10/9/1996 2:29 PM

There's no size limit on list submissions, although my recommendation
is no more than ~10-12K per submission.  But at the same time, please

Agreed.  Apply standard reminders to folks here:  Many people have
limits on the size of their mailboxes.  Others have to pay for their
email by the message or by the kilobyte.  I don't have any such limits
myself, but posting excessively large files is highly annoying to 
those that do.
  For example, I know of one person on this list with a maximum mailbox
size of half a megabyte total.  If you sent a 1-Meg file over the list, 
not only would they never recieve it, but they could well lose an entire
day's worth of mail (or longer, if they check mail less than once a day).

remember that posting files is not allowed.  I *may* let this slide for
*small* text files, but large files, such as GIFs, WAV files, etc. are
a no-no, at least for this list.

 I definately support a "No Binaries" policy on this list.  If you've
got 'em, then put them on a Web site or an FTP site and send a note to the
list announcing where they are.  Or post them to an appropriate 
alt.binaries.* newsgroup and tell the rest of us about it.  DO NOT 
post a GIF, WAV, or other binary file here without the express
permission of the moderator.  And I'd advise the moderator to not
grant such permissions- these things spread like diseases.  Once one person
posts a GIF, somehow, everybody else gets an urge to do likewise.
I've seen it happen on several other mailing lists and local

                                                Daniel Pawtowski