Subject: Swat Kats drinking game.
From: Zax
Date: 10/7/1996 7:04 PM
To: SwatKats list serve

When watchhing Sk episode<s), take a shot, (of milk, cheap whisky, soda,
coffee, whatever) whenever these conditions are met:

1. An atomic monster rampages through the city (Nah, too easy!).
   +1 drink for every additional monster.
2. Every times something wierd happens to "MegaKat Towers".
   2 shots if Callie says something about that.
3. Every time Callie Briggs is placed in dire peril.
   2 if she is kidnapped, 3 if she's captuerd with Mayor Manx.
4. Every time an Enforcer vehicle is wrecked.
   2 if Ulyssys Ferril is driving, 3 if he's with Felina.
5. Every time you see a non-kat, (Viper, whatever).
6. Every time you see a non-sentinent animal: (Cows, pets, whatever)
7. Every time you see a character doing cat-like behavior: spiting
   hairballs, drinking milk, etc.
8. Every time Calle is rescued.
   2 if she is rescued with Ann Gora.
9. Every time the Swat Kats have an argument, or get competitive.
10. Every time you see the MetaliKats go on a rampage, (again, to easy)
11. Every time they have an argument.
    2 drinks if there's a bad driving joke involved.
12. Every time Calle gets the Swat Kats out of trouble, 
    Upend the bottle if Uly Ferril tries to rescue them.
13. Upend another bottle if Mayor Manx actually does anything important, 
    <no strike that..."The Blue Manx").
14. Every pop culture reference: "David Litterbox" etc.

Can anybody think of any more? 


Commander Zax