Subject: Re: YKYBWTMSKW...
From: Pastmaster
Date: 10/7/1996 8:22 PM
To: (DJ Clawson)

I thought I'd start it up (this is a continuation of Ryan's that began in
his nuku.txt story) on the list:

In Nuku Nuku 96, I've added 50 new YKYWTMSKW, and will probably add more.
DANG IT! Louie won't finish his half part of the story!! DJ, you don't mind
if I include this in Nuku Nuku 96, do you?
 Your fanfiction plays out in your dreams

Ever hear of Midnight Magic? Same principle!!
 Other people's fanfiction plays out in your dreams

That's annoying!!
 You watch the new, sucky episodes of TMNT just to hear that whiny version
of Razor

You know what's funny? They took TMNT right off the air when I was going to
give it a try (I needed more SK, and I knew Denetello sounds like Razor!)!!!
 You have all of the Midnight Magics (edited and un-edited)

You sick little ba- er... sorry!

in your SK hard
drive folder, and you even think you get some of them (sorry Ryan!)

I'm working on that!!! I know a better name for the series is "A Tribute to
SK", so I'm litterally cutting it out!
 You convinced Davis Doi to send you the Carl Jr's figures because they
simply don't have Carl Jrs on your side of the country (and it isn't kosher

Couldja convince him for me??? I don't have his phone #!!
 You wonder if Jake keeps kosher

A Wha?!
 You watch "Tiny Toons" in disbelief that that's Charlie Adler's voice

Or that Babs Sunny Is really Tress Mcnelle (CAN'T SPELL!!), i.e. Callie's voice!
 You do the same with the Star Wars movies and Mark Hamill

Mr Whatzhisname, Fluke Skyhopper can jump in a lake!
 You write crossover fanfiction

With little success!
 You fanfiction (put together) is over 400 Kb

Done that!
Anyone want to add more?

Your teacher changes your name to Chance just to get your attention!

You take more notes on SK than you do in your history class.

You buy Soeishinsha just to make SK-The Movie.

You finally get a tED tURNOR dart board, and then agonize over knowing that
your peice of !#@$ printer dosn't print in color!

You've made parodies of your own fanfiction ("Midnite Madness!" coming soon!)

You've made your own SK patch file for your favorite street fighting game. 

You get busted for getting online when you're not supposed to just to answer

You've talked about SK so much that you've turned your best friend into the
anti-SK extremist.

You beg for your room to be painted SK colors, and then when your parents
say no, you ask for purple (Why not just smear the colors around a little?)
Esteban (Eh STAY bon) "B-ko Daitokuji" Kelley
SK Extremist, Sailor Moon megafan, Anime fan, all around weirdo. Nothing new
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