Subject: YKYBWTMSKW...
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 10/6/1996 6:30 PM

I thought I'd start it up (this is a continuation of Ryan's that began in
his nuku.txt story) on the list:

You Know You've Been Watching Too Much SWAT Kats When . . .

  You write fanfiction on your TI-83 Graphing Calculator that can literally
type out things, even though you know you have to type every letter
seperately and the story can never leave the memory of your calculator.

  You flunked out of AlgebraII/Trig/Honors and moved into regular 'cause you
spent too much time thinking about SKs and not enough paying attention to
get good grades

  The ex-producers know you by name

  The ex-producers call you

  The ex-producers yell at you for quoting them too often on the newgroups
and getting them in trouble (H-B scans the newsgroups, people)

  The ex-producers think you are over-obsessed with SKs

  You know how many different countries SKs airs in

  You vocalize your love of SKs so much your friend who happens to catch it
in Israel and isn't a fan watches it just so he can call you when he gets
home and tell you what episode he saw

  You know SWAT Kats is not spelled Swatkats

  You know when SWAT Kats airs on teh Cartoon Network, even though you don't
get it

  You know what episode this week aired on TCN, even though you don't get it

  You consider buying a satellite dish just so you can get TCN 'cause your
own cable company doesn't carry it, even though you all ready have every
episode on tape

  Your fanfiction plays out in your dreams

  Other people's fanfiction plays out in your dreams

  You watch the new, sucky episodes of TMNT just to hear that whiny version
of Razor

  You go to the NYC Museum of TV and Radio and call into up an olf Jack
Benny episode from their archives, just so you can see what Barry Gordon
looks like because he was in that episode

  You watch the episode, and realize he has a silent role so you can't hear
his voice, and complain to the museum staff that you want to hear Razor's
voice coming out of the mouth of a short, stubby, bald and fat guy

  You have all of the Midnight Magics (edited and un-edited) in your SK hard
drive folder, and you even think you get some of them (sorry Ryan!)

  You convinced Davis Doi to send you the Carl Jr's figures because they
simply don't have Carl Jrs on your side of the country (and it isn't kosher

  You personalize all your characters in your fanfic to your own religion

  You wonder if Jake keeps kosher

  You watch "Tiny Toons" in disbelief that that's Charlie Adler's voice

  You do the same with the Star Wars movies and Mark Hamill

  *All* your friends know everything there is to know about SKs, and they've
never seen the show

  Everyone else in your family can spell SWAT Kats correctly, because you
won't tolerate mistakes, and they've never seen the show

  You write fanfiction about a character who showed up 3 times or less on
the whole series

  You write crossover fanfiction

  You fanfiction (put together) is over 400 Kb

Anyone want to add more?

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