Subject: Re: On furballs and digests...
From: Jesus Fernandez
Date: 10/6/1996 7:57 AM

Dana Uehara wrote:
Perhaps flea and/or tick outbreaks were common in the past, similar to
bubonic plague, but they're likely very much under control in modern-
day Megakat City.

I agree.. also in my school (and in others I hope) hair lice is a big
deal.. maybe schools in the Kat world are much the same on the issue on
fleas? Anything else?

I'm sure signs of flea infestations, like signs of dandruff, would be
evident if the Kat had a severe flea problem.

<Scratch Scratch> :)

Michael:  Flea collars are definitely out of style.

Unless they're designer flea collars.  <shrug>

Flea Collars by CK? Ugh.. Bad picture.. :)