Subject: On furballs and digests...
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 10/5/1996 9:37 PM

A few assorted (perhaps disjointed?) comments here and there...

Simon:  Hey, humans get lice and all, so it's probably not much of a
    stretch although most Kats are probably too fastidious to have
    fleas ... 

If that's the case then it's more likely that the homeless strays (like
the one in "Mutation City") would have fleas than those living in 
apartments or houses, tho I think a lot of it would depend on the 
individual Kat's hygiene.

Perhaps flea and/or tick outbreaks were common in the past, similar to
bubonic plague, but they're likely very much under control in modern-
day Megakat City.

Julian:  No one would ever ask a Kat if he / she has fleas. It will be
   impolite and embarassing. Just like asking a Human if he / she has

Why would you need to ask?  I'm sure signs of flea infestations, like
signs of dandruff, would be evident if the Kat had a severe flea problem.

On furballs -- we know that hairball eliminator is a marketable item in
Megakat City (cf. "Razor's Edge," where a prize on a TV game show is a
year's supply of hairball eliminator).  Anyone think perhaps hairball
problems might be hereditary, perhaps in conjunction with Kats that tend
to shed rather excessively?

JF:  WHAT happened to Maxie's site?

As far as I can tell, it's down indefinitely.
BTW, a suggestion:  if you can't connect to a particular site, you
should email the person in charge of that site directly rather than
drag the query through the list.  Chances are it'll otherwise be
overlooked rather easily.

Michael:  Flea collars are definitely out of style.

Unless they're designer flea collars.  <shrug>