Subject: Who's In Charge Now ?
From: Chris Tom Cimafranca
Date: 10/4/1996 7:35 AM

I Just Read An Artical In TV Guide That Makes Me Wooried About The
	Future Of SWAT Kats On TV - The Artical In Question Is In
	The Oct. 5 - 11 Issue On Page 45 (Please Read It As I Do
	Not Wish To Post It Here !) There's This Annoying Photo
	At The Top With Some Unidentified Sub-speices Of Ape
	Smiling (SICK - SICK - SICK) At The Camera Person !

	Anyhow After Reading This (Don't Worry We'll Still Be
	Here When You've Read It !) I Wonder Who's In Charge
	Now ? Is WB In Charge Or Is HE In Charge, Don't Worry
	You All Know Who I'm Taking About !

	On A Lighter Note, Someone Said How Can They Get Away From
	Star Wars / Star Trek ! Well, You Would Have To Move To A
	Galaxy Far, Far Away In Space, The Final Frontier =)

	Pinky & The Brain Crossover Into SWAT Kats ? I Don't Think
	It Would Work, However The Kats Would Get A Kick Out Of The
	Show, I'm Shure Of It !

	Chris T.(bone) Cimafranca
		 ^^^^ Two Posts In 1 Week, I Must Be Nutz !

Same Old Same Old =)
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