Subject: Re: Musical Kats?
From: Pastmaster
Date: 10/4/1996 8:14 PM

Being Star-Wars-ish, I feel that DarkKat can be represented by any
instruments with a very heavy bass, or have a church choir chorus. The
chorus should suggest evil like the chorus used for The Emperor in Return
of The Jedi.

ACH!  What I can I do to get away from Star Wars or Star Trek in this

Join the club! <Just to annoy SW fans everywhere> "It's time for Monty
Python's Flying Circus!"... "What are examples of foreplay?"... "Where is
the Grail?"... "We are the Knights who say Ni! We demand a sacrafice. ... We
want a shrubbery! <insert scary musical chord> ... It's a very nice
shrubbary. However we are no longer the Knights who say Ni. <Insert knights
saying Ni in background> We are now the knights who say Echi Echi Echi be
bop pit tang, woop! <insert knights saying Ni> We want, another shrubbery!
<Insert another scary musical chord> And, you must chop down the tallest
tree in the forest, WITH a herring! <insert more scary chords!>"
When I think of an instrument that best suits T-Bone or Viper, I think of
heavy metal played by electric guitars.

Yeah, the power hungry instruments are most obvious for those two,
especially T-Bone IMHO.

I don' know why it seems to fit for
Viper, but it represent's T-Bone's strength and power.

Uh huh! 
The alto sax seems to fit best for Razor; I don' know why.

I've always thought Razor would seem best with one of those!!
I like Dark Kat.  He seems to have a modest prominence to him, if that makes
any sense.

Oh it does. You should hear my profiles!

The instrument that fits him best would be the acoustic guitar
playing soft, sad music.

The pipe organ would be kinda cool!
Pastmaster's instrument seems to be drowned, but when I imagine him in a
more peaceful state, I get a sweet flute...

His caring and compassionate side? :) I've noticed that within him! I
thought no one else ever saw that.
I haven't been able to picture the RIGHT instruments for the other
characters, though I think that H@rd Drive's would be the violin,

I'd think keyboard.

and that Manx's would be the uillean pipe.

Obviously, something wimpy, slightly annoying and always in the way.

No characters in my mind would ever be represented by piano.

I know! Too vanilla! (but if someone out there likes plain [or the extra
plain], then forget what I said!)
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