Subject: Musical Kats?
From: Simon Leet Wai Leong
Date: 10/4/1996 5:15 AM

At 04:59 PM 10/3/96 -0500, you wrote:

Musical Kats:
Hmmm I guess kno one has the appreciation for the power of the tuba such
as I do.....   Trust me folks Tuba is best for T-Bone.  And tubas do
exist in orchestras!  I'm in the orchestra on a tuba!

After all this chatter, I'm surprised I don't seem to recall anyone
mentioning the electric guitar for T-Bone ... (Either that or I lost track
of this whole thread :) ...) And I agree with whoever said that the
synthesizer suited Razor (someone did say that right?)

Do Kats get fleas?

Probably! Hey, humans get lice and all, so it's probably not much of a
stretch although most Kats are probably too fastidious to have fleaas ... 

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