Subject: Assorted Stuff... ( aka "Bizarre Bezoars")
From: "Julian Ho" <>
Date: 10/4/1996 6:20 AM

Just kidding, it's only a misleading Subject Title. ;-)
Only some parts are brows-raiser.

H@rd Drive wrote:
No characters in my mind would ever be represented by piano. 

How about Callie?

mweb wrote:
Well, at the beginning of the ep. Callie was in her casual clothes, which
might indicate is was a holiday of some sort.  I've only ever saw her in
the jogging outfit on either a weekend (Origin of Dr. Viper) or a holiday as
may be the case in Mutation City.

This reasoning fits perfectly. Now why I didn't I think of that! (Slaps
Maybe I'm thinking on the macabre side of SK...
(Play spooky music here.) wrote:
Do Kats get fleas?

Possible. No one would ever ask a Kat if he / she has fleas. It will be
impolite and embarassing. Just like asking a Human if he / she has

Perhaps, flea powder and flea collars are daily hygeine necesseties in the
Kat's world.
Vaseline could probably a required item in the Kat's First-Aid kit, just in
case someone was choking from bezoars...

Some "bizarre" SK questions:
- I remember distinctly that in one of the episodes the TurboKat has lasers
coming out from its side, can anyone confirm this?
- Is the Macrowave Blasters connected to a large generator as a power
source. It seems to me that they are connected directly to the TurboSkis.

*Sigh!* This is definitely one of my lamest posting.


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