Subject: And now for something completely different, assorted bezoars
From: (The Rabbit of Caerbannog)
Date: 10/4/1996 9:43 PM

In a message dated 9:20 PM 10/4/96, Julian Ho wrote: wrote:
Do Kats get fleas?

Possible. No one would ever ask a Kat if he / she has fleas. It will be
impolite and embarassing. Just like asking a Human if he / she has

Perhaps, flea powder and flea collars are daily hygeine necesseties in the
Kat's world.

        Since it's not long after back to school season so there are still
ads for 'Rid' louse poison and other such products on TV.  That's right,
humans get <gasp> _lice_.  I'm sure kats would have _some_ sort of
parasite, but a collar makes it horribly obvious that the wearer has <gasp>
_fleas_.  Flea collars are definitely out of style.

Vaseline could probably a required item in the Kat's First-Aid kit, just in
case someone was choking from bezoars...

        Just think of the posters, like the Heimlich maneuver posters that
you see sometimes.  The idea gives me the giggles.  Put your paws to your
throat to make the international sign for choking on a bezoar.  <hee> <hee>
<hack> <hack>

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