Subject: assorted stuff
Date: 10/3/1996 2:59 PM

Violence and TV:
I did a year-long report on cartoon violence and kids, and while I don't
like to say so and I am not pushing censoring cartoons by any means,
there was a correlation.  What I said about using lasers so kids can't
reproduce the violence was taken by an article by the producer of
Gargoyles who said this.....
Okay I'll be on topic now.

Musical Kats:
Hmmm I guess kno one has the appreciation for the power of the tuba such
as I do.....   Trust me folks Tuba is best for T-Bone.  And tubas do
exist in orchestras!  I'm in the orchestra on a tuba!

Final note:
Do Kats get fleas?
"Ugh the bus is screwed up!" - Packrat