Subject: Re: Musical Kats?
From: "H@rd Drive" <>
Date: 10/3/1996 8:19 PM

At 10:30 PM 10/3/96 +0800, Julian Ho wrote:
Being Star-Wars-ish, I feel that DarkKat can be represented by any
instruments with a very heavy bass, or have a church choir chorus. The
chorus should suggest evil like the chorus used for The Emperor in Return
of The Jedi.

ACH!  What I can I do to get away from Star Wars or Star Trek in this country?!

When I think of music for different characters, I don' get into "What
ORCHESTRAL instrument do they play?".  The music I think of is usually jazz,
rhythm and blues, traditional Irish/Welsh music, acoustic guitar music,
heavy metal (including the SK themes) and fast dance music (techno).

When I think of an instrument that best suits T-Bone or Viper, I think of
heavy metal played by electric guitars.  I don' know why it seems to fit for
Viper, but it represent's T-Bone's strength and power.  (Might have
something to do with his muscular build and his tight threads.)

The alto sax seems to fit best for Razor; I don' know why.

I like Dark Kat.  He seems to have a modest prominence to him, if that makes
any sense.  The instrument that fits him best would be the acoustic guitar
playing soft, sad music.

Pastmaster's instrument seems to be drowned, but when I imagine him in a
more peaceful state, I get a sweet flute...

I haven't been able to picture the RIGHT instruments for the other
characters, though I think that H@rd Drive's would be the violin, and that
Manx's would be the uillean pipe.  No characters in my mind would ever be
represented by piano.  I've been playing piano for nine years, to the point
where I think of it as too generic.

Noah Sproat "H@rd Drive" <>