Subject: Re: Musical Kats?
From: Pastmaster
Date: 10/3/1996 6:49 PM

I keep thinking that a *kazoo* would fit Madkat more than anything else.  
Hmm... maybe a  kazoo (Freakazoo!) or maybe a synthesizer, that plays all 
sorts of honky-tonk?

The honky-tonk is just plain annoying! Sorry, but I've never heard such an
annoying instrument, with the exception of the "Tower Bells".
Lt. Steel is an accordion. He's loud and annoying.

Oh, yes, <claps> I like it! :)

Try the "Tower Bells"! If you don't know what they sound like, and you've
got a sound Balster 16 with Vibra (Something) or below, set your patch map
(Located in the Midi mapper) to "Prot/1 Prec." and you'll hear that very
loud and very annoying instrament banging out clashing bass chords drowning
out the rest of the music!
The instrument for Razor should suggest intelligence, agility and kindness,
but I can't think of any instruments. Violin perhaps?

No, something more aggressive, but not as aggressive as what T-Bone would use.
Oh yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah!!! (No prizes for guessing what *I* play, 
huh? ;))

I see. I play keyboard (and have a weird interpretation of the 2nd season
opening), but by ear and rather hypnotically.
Oh yeah, another fav... "G'night, m'Queen," in a real sarcastic way!

I think Razor had that coming! :) But then people's imnds get warped to an
extreme when love gets involved. (i.e. ME!
I haven't watched any eps for a while (before you try to kill me, let me 
tell you it's not entirely my fault. The teachers give us too much homework!!)

Ditto! I havn't even been able to finish one ep in the past year! (Summer, I
had an excuse!!)
I dunno but I prefer the music of SK:The Movie be kind of Star-Wars-ish

No!! Play the Second season music normally until a few chords after the
alarm goes off, then play it reversed from the end and halfway through
convert it to an A-ko song (the one where B-ko's fighting the subsand cruser
in the "giant toilet") then at the end convert it to the title chords of
Project A-ko 5 (Vs Battle One Grey Side) show the title, in a really cool
way, and music ends. I've done this in my mind and it sounds really cool. :)
(IMHO I think a Star Warsish opening would be a bore!)
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