Subject: Re: SWAT Kats, non-adult cartoon?
From: Pastmaster
Date: 10/2/1996 8:18 PM

Well, is it? If you mean adult cartoon as in.... ahem, "adult" cartoon, no,
I don't think that SWAT Kats is an adult cartoon.

Same here.

I'm I the only one here who takes SK as if it were real life? (i.e.
everything in real life applies, and much more)

Anyway, if it was what most people would deem "adult," I doubt a 
certain person

*THAT* you think is *HUMAN*?! what kind of obsessed fan are you??? ;)


Okay, so what's the bad side of him? (^3
SWAT Kats seem to attracted fans from all age groups, although that maybe
it was originaly aimed at kids, the explosion go beyond the target range.

(The only other one I can think of at the moment is Sailor Moon.)

AWW! I wanna see that show! I need to say SOMETHING about SM if a supposed
half my web page is SUPPOSED to be SM! I guess I'm incurable about this kind
of thing and I really don't care.
I can be considered adult by my way of thinking!

I could be in more ways in one. I hate how my mind limits *nothing* from
entering it!

BTW--when is the next listperson's birthday?

el 8 de octubre, the 8th of October

Mine's October 12--eek! I'll be 
13 in about 1 week!

I've calculated my own birthday myself, and er... I think you're off...
wait! You said about a week! Forget it!

Insanity is a playground for the unimaginitive.

Then why am I glued to the monkeybars in this little "unimaginative" place?

CrystalSkye's Personal Universe! GO SEE IT! ;)

I've been caught once this week, so I'm NOT going to try to break a rule
a-... What am I saying?! I'm doing that right now! Reports! UGH I HATE
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