Subject: Re: Musical Kats?
From: "Julian Ho" <>
Date: 10/2/1996 4:53 AM

While we are on the thread of the SWAT Kats version of "Peter and the
Wolf", here's some of my opinion on the instruments.

Dana Uehara:
I keep thinking that a *kazoo* would fit Madkat more than anything else.  

Agreed. Definitely a kazoo, or any kind of instruments that suggest
malavolent, chaotic, mischevious forces.

Lt. Steel is an accordion. He's loud and annoying.

As I said I chose the tuba mainly for T-Bone because of the driving
ability it has, and the tuba can exert a lot of raw power when it needs
too, like a tympani can.  I have first hand experience on this because
in case you haven't figured it out yet...   I play a TUBA!!!!

I don't know about a tuba for T-Bone, but a tuba can be played to represent
laziness and sluggishness like the theme of Jabba The Hutt in "Return of
the Jedi". But if the music is written to suggest power, I'm all for it!

The instrument for Razor should suggest intelligence, agility and kindness,
but I can't think of any instruments. Violin perhaps?

I'm thinking in terms of music, not instruments. So my remarks may seem
However, I did hear some themes written specifically for moods in SWAT
- The chase theme earlier in the episode of "The Giant Bacteria"
- The buddy-rivalry theme of the SWAT Kats in "The Wrath of DK" (The
Chilli-Chomping Contest) and "Pastmaster Always Ring Twice" (The 5-Gs
- The Razor-&-Queen-Callista love theme in "Bride of Pastmaster", just
before T-Bone interrupted asking Razor for help in the repairs.
- The Metallikats Theme, used every time when they appear. Techno music
that sounds like metals hitting against something.

I dunno but I prefer the music of SK:The Movie be kind of Star-Wars-ish
where everyone and every scene has their own theme music to suit.


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