Subject: Re: Mrowr?
From: "Julian Ho" <>
Date: 10/2/1996 5:02 AM

Dana Uehara: 
Picking nits:  what exactly *is* the "speed of heat"?

Don't know exactly what Razor is saying. Is he referring to the speed of
heat (If so, how fast is the speed of heat anyway? In terms of Mach, I
mean.) or referring that they have reached the speed where the TurboKat's
outer layers has become so hot that anything that touches them will burst
into flames.

If that's an eight-mile trip (assuming Felina
makes that comment "eight miles and closing" shortly after leaving
Enforcer HQ), that's a hell of a distance to swim...  although, as I
later noticed, we *do* see the remaining jet ski missile parked in
the water as T-Bone pulls his pal to the surface.

Maybe, T-Bone pluck his courage and actually swims!

AJ:  Probably was aimed at little kids, but from what the Tremblays
   made it into, I think it aims for all age groups.

"The Giant Bacteria" definitely is PG-rated. Sort of like the Might Max
episode on Zombies, some scenes with the Zombie bug and Max's mom were
snipped off when that episode is shown in Singapore.

If, in the wildest sense of the imagination, the Kats do get revived,
should we push for T-Bone and Razor plushies?  ;-)

If the SK Plushies do come out, I'm gonna hold on to them all day. Think


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