Subject: Re: Kats language
From: Pastmaster
Date: 10/2/1996 8:17 PM

That is one point that we haven't thought of, the kats could be speaking in
another different languange.

Their mouths don't synchronize with what they're saying! It's fairly obvious
in any of those few SK eps with someone speaking and yo can see them
speaking!! :)
Many of the characters' names are of Anglo-Norman origin (or structure).
Maybe the names also got translated.

Proper nouns are said the same no matter how you translate something
example: Churro (Mexican), Enchilada (Mexican), Quesadilla (Mexican),
Nintendo (Japanese), Wataru (Japanese), tED (Apelike sub-species of the
human race)... whoops! That's notta proper noun, but you get the idea.
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