Subject: Claws 'n' things
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 10/2/1996 6:48 PM

Assorted replies to listmail:

Ed:  Methinks you've been sopping up too much of the media's "kids and
   guns" bullshit.

Toon violence, especially in the Kats series, is (and has been) a
controversial topic for years.  Usually, depending on the kid's
age, s/he can tell if certain types of violence (i.e., Toon Physics)
is real or isn't.  Turner probably canned the Kats because the
violence shown there was perhaps too realistic for its own good
(maybe even too close to what we see every day on the news?  <shrug>).

One comment I'll bring up here that I brought up some time ago on
the old Kats list was that if you notice the specific weaponry the
SWAT Kats carry, most (but not all) of those weapons are designed
to cripple or disable their opponents, but *not* destroy or seriously
injure them.  

Daniel:  Mutilor did seem to suffer from a severe case of Supervillian

Not to mention he was also possessed by Lieutenant Worf, right down
to the "it is so refreshing to clash with *true warriors*" line, as
a friend pointed out to me.  <grin>

Yet Supervillain Overconfidence isn't anything new to the Kats series,
or to adventure series in general.  We've seen this with Megakat City's
other villains, along with a healthy dose of what I call a plot cliche:
namely, the villain explains what he's doing, likely so that the
younger (target) viewers can understand the episode.

Noah:  I must ask:  How good was WSM compared to other eps?

I'd say it was about par for the series, perhaps one of the not-as-good-
but-could-have-been-better episodes.  For the most part, every episode
(except the SKIQ one) has the Kats battling either a villain or a monster.
In fact, this even gets alluded to in one episode ("Unlikely Alloys,"
if I remember right), where the dialogue is:

T-Bone:  "Crud!  What *is* that thing?"
Razor:  "Giant monster of the week?"

... which now leaves the question -- if the Kats weren't that great,
except for the animation and the music, then why has the show's popularity
grown so that the kats have their own newsgroup and mailing list, which
have survived for quite some time after the series has been canned?
<shrug>  Good question.  I don't have a good answer.