Subject: THIS WEEK'S POST: 10/1/96 : YOU KNOW WHO
From: Chris Tom Cimafranca
Date: 10/1/1996 3:11 PM

This Week's Post Is Brought To You By : What's His Name

First The Good News =) I've Added Two New Pages To My
Site ! (Yea !) They Are (In Random Order)

	1. SWAT Kats Toys Wish List !
	(Son Of The First Wish List !)

	2. SWAT Kats Tradeing Post !
	(Want Figures ? I Need Episodes !)

More Good News =) I've Talked To A Friend Of Mine And
We Will Both Be Animating 'Something' Real Soon !

	Now All We Need Is :

	1. Voice People (It Helps !)
	2. Music (Of Course !)
	3. Film (Yes, Film ! Not Video !)
	4. Cells (Of Course !)
	5. Etc. (Anything Else I Missed !)

Now, The Bad News =( I Couldn't Find Any SWAT Kats
Stuff At The Convention I Went To Over The Weekend !

	(Lots Of Screaming Here !)


1. Kats Speaking English ?
	Well, If The Kats Spoke A Different Language
	Then There Would Have To Be Subtitles On The
	Show, Just Think About That Fur Awhile !
	OKAY, The Reason They Speak English Is That
	The Show Is Made Fur An English Speaking
	People Like Us, That And Kids Would Turn
	The Show Off If They Had To Read Subtitles !
	Watch This :

	Yagu Tam Yeet Dogu Et Korum !

	Let's Kick Some Tail !

	I Don't Know About You But That's Very
	Distracting To Me And I'm 32 Years Old !


	Chris T.(Bone) Cimafranca
		 ^^^^ Yeah, What's His Name !

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