Subject: Re: SWAT Kats, non-adult cartoon?
Date: 10/1/1996 1:30 PM

On Tue, 1 Oct 1996, Edo Andromedo wrote:

If you mean adult cartoon as in.... ahem, "adult" cartoon, no,
I don't think that SWAT Kats is an adult cartoon.

No, SWAT Kats is not anime...... :)

SWAT Kats seem to attracted fans from all age groups, although that maybe
it was originaly aimed at kids, the explosion go beyond the target range.

Probably was aimed at little kids, but from what the Tremblays made it
into, I think it aims for all age groups.

What I think of SWAT Kats is, it is an animated series aimed to people who
are intelligent and who is an adult in their way of thinking (just like
Terra Chang or AJ Freda or Melissa, who are still only 12-13 years old, but
can be consider as an adult).

Thank you. :) I may think and act like an adult, but I love stuffed
animals (got over 10 of them on my bed) and cartoons!

BTW, I'm now making an EWJ sound set for the game Worms. I have also made
a SWAT Kats sound set, so if you want it, ask Ryan
for it.

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