Subject: Re: Kats history
From: (CrystalSkye)
Date: 10/1/1996 2:41 PM

At 9:54 PM 9/29/96, H@rd Drive wrote:
The kats history might be different from ours, but their present days (the
ones that we saw on SWAT Kats) could be similar to ours.

Maybe it's like the history of the rats from The Secret of N.I.M.H.; you 
know, there *were* humans that performed weirdo expieriements, and all... 
(this is starting to soud suspicously like that conversation we had on the 
first mailing list about what Dark Kat is... Ryan, Edo, DJ, you guys 
remember this?) After all, we don't know that the 'Kats world is on the same 
size-scale as ours are. For all we know, they're normal cat size, and since 
we're so up close, it *seems* like natural size. (I hope that makes sense!)

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