Subject: Re: Episode guides and body temperature
From: (CrystalSkye)
Date: 10/1/1996 2:38 PM

I have a (did she make you cry, make you break down) song stuck in my head 
(shatter you illusions of love?) right now, so if you see song lyrics (is it 
over now; do you know how) pay no attention to (t' pick up the pieces and go 
home?) them, okay? ;)

About episode guides:
Edo asks about episode guides.

I asked to Terra that are she interested on writing an episode guide.

ME?! Lord and Lady, when would I get *time*?? :P I can try, but I make no 
promises! (My HerK movies are on their way in da mail... Jeeze, I'll be too 
busy watchin' 'em to write *anything*! ;D)

I know there are a few episode guides floating around the net,

Well, the only one I know in the net is just the one from "Toon Magazine",
the one that someone typed.

And that one's not very good... They didn't even mention the Metalikats 
finding out about the SK's true identity.

About kats normal body temperature:
I suspect it'd be something like around 101.5 deg F
(around 38 or 39 deg C), since I read somewhere that *cats* have roughly
that warm a body temperature.

Well, if their normal body temperature are around 38 or 39 deg C, that is
one similarities between us, cats, and kats.

Maybe it's something like an average between those two... I dunno. Math is 
*not* my best subject. :P

Perhaps having a fur coat has something to do with it.  <grin>

I wonder if there is a "fur coat" in the kats world?

Achk, considering my most recent re-obsession... I wonder if they have any 
of the same movies we do? I mean, do they have some cartoon in *their* world 
about two "human" fighters who fly around and do heroic stuff? Or howabout 
The Crow? Where d'you guys think *that'll* fit in? (Yes, I'm obsessed, and 
I'm *proud* of it!!! ;D)

Terra Chang
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