Subject: Re: Asst. Bezoars/Mutation City
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 10/1/1996 1:14 PM

At 10:04 AM 10/1/96 -0400, Paul wrote:
On the body count...

I think the highest total must be in Mutation City, which should have
de-populated the city. Unless everyone was away on holiday, the bottom
floors of all the buildings were flooded, and yet we don't see any kats on
the roof, or the upper floors. Did they all get (gasp!) et?!?
   This is not one of my episodes for several reasons, one of them being the
absolute lack of logic. 

1. Where *was* everybody? What was Callie the only one to get stuck?
*C'mon*, a megatropolis has got to have people. Is NYC's population ever
under a few million people?

2. Where *did* all that mutagen come from? And why didn't it empty into the
bay?  That would mean the city is below sea level, which it doesn't look
to be according to episodes like "The Giant Bacteria", and *that*
wouldn't work because it wouldn't explain why all the mutagen was
pouring out at the end of the episode.

   There were some other ones not involving body counts/drowning/matugen,
but I'll leave 'em out for now.

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