Subject: Re: Asst. Bezoars
From: "H@rd Drive" <>
Date: 10/1/1996 12:35 PM

At 10:04 AM 10/1/96 -0400, Paul Kemner wrote:
On the body count...

I think the highest total must be in Mutation City, which should have
de-populated the city. Unless everyone was away on holiday, the bottom
floors of all the buildings were flooded, and yet we don't see any kats on
the roof, or the upper floors. Did they all get (gasp!) et?!?

It's been quite a while since I've seen Mutation City (or a single show of
SK for that matter), but I think that after a few neighborhoods fell victim,
people in other parts of the city were evacuated.  Or did the flooding
happen everywhere all at once?

Noah Sproat "H@rd Drive" <>