Subject: Musical Kats?
Date: 10/1/1996 2:11 PM

Sorry I forgot to mention Manx's instrument in my earlier post.  I
intended for Manx to play a clarinet, but oboe does work too....  maybe
bassoon (or fagot to you German types) for him too.....

As I said I chose the tuba mainly for T-Bone because of the driving
ability it has, and the tuba can exert a lot of raw power when it needs
too, like a tympani can.  I have first hand experience on this because
in case you haven't figured it out yet...   I play a TUBA!!!!

I also thought of a slide-whistle for Mad Kat but then I thought it was
too goofy...

"Packrat's brain is not working today leave a message after the beep and
she will get back to you.  BEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!"