Subject: Mrowr?
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 10/1/1996 6:20 PM

I dunno.  I keep thinking that a *kazoo* would fit Madkat more than
anything else.  

Jonathan:  I had a quick discussion with Razor -- that is, the list
   moderator, but in a different venue -- more than a year ago on the
   topic of kat language.


If you really wanted to stretch things, you could say that the Kats
speak their own language, but when the "footage" (i.e., episodes) was
broadcast to Earth, everything was translated into English.  That could
explain some misspellings ("Megacat" instead of "Megakat", for example,
or "Cement Machine Gan", and so on).  But that's pushing it, I think.

Paul:  You don't need radioactive substances to have a laser.

Lessee...  "laser" stands for "light amplification by simulated
emission of radiation," if I remember the acronym properly.  All
you'd need, then, would be something that would emit radiation (not
necessarily something *radioactive*) and something else to concentrate
it so that everything is coherent (in this case, everything focused in
one direction).

Julian:  Hmm, wonder if the TurboKat can go into high-speed incendiary
   mode, like the Firebird in 'G-Force', to smash through a gigantic

Well, Razor did equip the jet with the "speed of heat" engines, which
have allowed it to be used for space travel... and the Kats *have*
used it to get rid of a mutated rock scorpion (cf. "Caverns of Horror").

Picking nits:  what exactly *is* the "speed of heat"?

DJ:  ["Mutation City"] is not one of my episodes for several reasons,
   one of them being the absolute lack of logic. 

Do you *have* any favorite episodes?  ;-)
So far I've seen you pan three of them, but I haven't seen you give
any claws-up to any of the eps.

A side comment on "Mutation City" that a friend (not on the list) brought
up when I first showed him the episode:  near the end of the story,
when T-Bone rescues Razor, he has to go all the way from Megakat
Biochemical to somewhere around Enforcer Headquarters, where Razor
battled Dr. Viper.  If that's an eight-mile trip (assuming Felina
makes that comment "eight miles and closing" shortly after leaving
Enforcer HQ), that's a hell of a distance to swim...  although, as I
later noticed, we *do* see the remaining jet ski missile parked in
the water as T-Bone pulls his pal to the surface.

AJ:  Probably was aimed at little kids, but from what the Tremblays
   made it into, I think it aims for all age groups.

Someone (I don't remember who, but I think it was chance) mentioned
that the original target audience for the Kats was the six-to-eight
year old range.  And storywise, it still seems to cater to them,
because those of us who have been analyzing and reanalyzing the stories
have managed to find holes in them.  Yet given the quality of the 
stories *and* the animation, *especially* compared to H-B's earlier
work, the Kats were definitely an improvement over what H-B put out
in the 70s and 80s.

   I may think and act like an adult, but I love stuffed animals (got
   over 10 of them on my bed) and cartoons!

If, in the wildest sense of the imagination, the Kats do get revived,
should we push for T-Bone and Razor plushies?  ;-)