Subject: Asst. Bezoars
From: Paul Kemner
Date: 10/1/1996 7:04 AM

On the body count...

That scene is pretty disturbing, but consider this: if the bacterium passed
through the city in order to get to the lab, think of the body count.

I think the highest total must be in Mutation City, which should have
de-populated the city. Unless everyone was away on holiday, the bottom
floors of all the buildings were flooded, and yet we don't see any kats on
the roof, or the upper floors. Did they all get (gasp!) et?!?

4.)	If the TurboKat has laser weaponery, how did Razor built it? Could
radioactive substances be dumped in the Salvage Yard illegally?

You don't need radioactive substances to have a laser. Some of the proposed
SDI space lasers were one-shot powered by a small nuke, but that's rare in
the world of lasers, I think.

5.)	How did Manx get re-elected each year? If Feral had already admitted
Manx's incompetence, why would the citizens of Megakat City not realised it?

In my fanfic, Schroedinger pours tons of gold into the Manx re-election
coffers because he's a discordian, and likes Manx's style. (the gold also
buys timely trouble for Manx opponents) This rewards Manx for bumbling.
Schroedinger thinks that Callie is the pawn of another Erisian Cabal member,
who is providing a balancing force to his support of Manx. (But Schroedinger
is totally crazy, right?)

I'm not sure, but I believe that Prof. Hackle mentions at the beginning of
the episode that he had been working on Cybertron for *months* for the
SWATKats and he mentions at the end that he'd take years to fix it ... heck,
why not build another one from scratch?! :)

It often takes longer to fix something than to make a new one. In the case
of Cybertron, we want his experience, personality, and heroism, so he's
worth fixing.