Subject: Re: Religions, again
From: (Edo Andromedo)
Date: 9/30/1996 1:11 PM

H@rd Drive wrote:
It makes sense that every earth religion would also exist on Katworld,
because Katworld is just too similar to earth for them not to exist.
Christmas HAS to exist.

Doc Conway wrote:
Whoa.  This is one heck of a logical stretch here.  To say that Katworld
must be *exactly* like ours because it is similar is a pretty weak argument.

Although that the katworld was based on our own world, and Ryan did said
that basing stuff is just like copying something.

Of course, maybe not all of the stuff in our world are also in the kats world.

That is like saying that because two people look very much alike, they must
also like the same foods and enjoy the same leisure time activities.

Pepper stew and slepping on saturday?

No, we have no basis to build any arguments on, and we've been over this.
Religion is a no-no subject in cartooning today (aside from the Animaniac's
Christmas Special), so we have nothing but conjecture.

Except for the word "Christmas Tree" in "Night of the Dark Kat", and that
is only a *tree*.