Subject: Re: More kat stuff
From: Daniel Pawtowski
Date: 9/30/1996 11:08 AM

I suspect [a Kat's temperature would] be something like around 101.5 deg F
(around 38 or 39 deg C), since I read somewhere that *cats* have roughly
that warm a body temperature.  Perhaps having a fur coat has something to
do with it.  <grin>

  Well, the rough rule for mammals is that the smaller you are, the 
hotter your body temperature.  Cats are warmer than humans because they're
smaller than humans.  Lions are cooler than housecats, etc.  As far as
we know, Kats are human-sized (maybe the whole series is 1/10 our scale
and we don't know it :-), so they'd be colder than a small cat, most
  Any biologists here care to supply more details?  It has roughly to do
with overall metabolic rate, which gets faster in small mammals.

                                   Daniel Pawtowski