Subject: Musical Kats?
Date: 9/30/1996 3:31 PM

Well, it's band season, and while I'm not in the band, my mind is still
on it....
Ever wonder what assorted SK main characters would play if they were in
a band or an orchestra?  Here's my pics.

For the best character, the best instrument:
       T-Bone: - Tuba - the deep bass sound and driving rhythm of a tuba
suits him, 'sides a tuba drives the band, kinda like T-Bone drives the
       Razor: - trumpet or alto sax - I prefer trumpet but out of
deference to DJ I'll include alto sax too.  Anyway both these
instruments play melody and punch out notes and chords as needed...
       Feral: - bass drum - loud, pompous and hollow on the inside...
need I say more?
       Callie Briggs - piccolo/flute - those high annoying instruments
who you'd just like to smack sometimes....
       Manx - fairly high, wimpy instruments, that can do a lot, but
who are rarely heard....
       Felina - trombone - low sliders that can do the difficult counter
- melodies and who can actually contribute when needed
       Dark Kat - string bass - low, mysterious instrument that can
drive the beat (sorry I was stretching for this one)
       Viper - bassoon - I dunno why it just fits.  (never got along
well with bassoonists...)
       Metallikats - tenor sax - kinda low instruments that can take a
challenge once in awhile...

       Aw well I think that's it....  Sorry if I offended anyone or
totally lost anyone...  Don't worry my mind has cooled down from band a
bit now......  Adios.


"Music is organized noise." - Mr. Erdham
"Tubas rule." - The Amazing UD Rhyming Tuba Section and Steve