Subject: More assorted furballs
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 9/30/1996 6:37 PM

Sky Lynx:  I figured it was about time I introduce myself :) 

Welcome aboard!  Hope you enjoy your stay on the list. 

   My favorite episode is Mutation City.

I'm sure Doc Konway's happy to hear this one.

Unless anyone has any serious objections, I'm going to axe any more
discussion on the theme of Kat religion on this list.  Doc Konway has
mentioned that this subject has been brought up before, and the last
couple of posts that I've read have been veering more and more
off-topic, from Kats to Japanese culture to anime.

Daniel:  As far as we know, Kats are human-sized (maybe the whole
   series is 1/10 our scale and we don't know it :-), so they'd be
   colder than a small cat, most likely.

Colder than a small cat, perhaps; but perhaps slightly warmer than

Had "When Strikes Mutilor" been done as originally scripted (where the
Aqueans were shown to have been humans, *not* Kats), we might have had
a basis for comparison.  But since that was changed, now we can only

Edo:  The only [episode guide] I know in the net is just the one from
   "Toon Magazine", the one that someone typed.

That's the one I copied.  It's accurate, to the best of my knowledge,
and contains the listing of the 23 aired episodes.  The only episode
that is *not* listed there is the SKIQ episode, most likely because it
was written and aired after _Toon_ went to press.

The Animato article lists the same episodes, but adds the three missing
ones (that were scripted, but never completed or aired).  Otherwise,
both articles list identical episodes.  Personally, I'd see creating
yet another episode guide as rather redundant and unnecessary; but it's
up to you if you want to do so.  <shrug>

packrat:  Ever wonder what assorted SK main characters would play if
   they were in a band or an orchestra?  Here's my pics...  T-Bone: -

I dunno.  Since T-Bone likes stuff that exudes power, I'd be more
tempted to place him in the percussion section, perhaps tympani, but
probably more likely something like snare drum.

Julian:  I have been receiving mails intended for the list lately. 

Once again, this is deliberate.  The list currently operates like email,
so if you hit 'reply' you will reply to the original poster and not to
the list.

I *can* set the postings so that people automatically reply to the list
for each person's posting, but I choose *not* to do so, for the simple
fact that I'd otherwise be flooded with mail, and a good portion of it 
would be better suited as personal mail rather than listmail.  As it is,
I already receive anywhere from 20-30 messages a day, most of it
listmail that needs to be approved.  It's much easier to reroute
misdirected email to the list than vice versa, trust me.

OK, time to get off the soapbox (or is that litterbox?).