Subject: Religions, again
From: "Dr. Samuel Conway" <>
Date: 9/29/1996 1:23 PM

H@rd Drive wrote:
It makes sense that every earth religion would also exist on Katworld,
because Katworld is just too similar to earth for them not to exist.
Christmas HAS to exist.  

Whoa.  This is one heck of a logical stretch here.  To say that Katworld
must be *exactly* like ours because it is similar is a pretty weak argument.
That is like saying that because two people look very much alike, they must
also like the same foods and enjoy the same leisure time activities.

No, we have no basis to build any arguments on, and we've been over this.
Religion is a no-no subject in cartooning today (aside from the Animaniac's
Christmas Special), so we have nothing but conjecture.

Isn't it ironic...that the 1970s ever existed?

What do you mean?

There was nothing wrong with the 1970's.  Some of us were very much alive and
kicking then.  The only thing wrong with the 1970's was Disco, and Watergate,
and bellbottom pants, and Viet Nam, and Jimmy Carter, and.....