Subject: Re: Religions, again
From: "H@rd Drive" <>
Date: 9/29/1996 2:54 PM

At 04:23 PM 9/29/96 -0400, Dr. Samuel Conway wrote:
To say that Katworld must be *exactly* like ours because it is similar
is a pretty weak argument. 
Religion is a no-no subject in cartooning today (aside from the
Animaniac's Christmas Special), so we have nothing but conjecture.

I didn't want to elaborate, but now I will.  Many world cultures would never
be remotely similar to the way they are if they didn't have a particular
religious influence.  I was acknowledging the existance of religions in
Katworld.  For example, the histories of places like England and Ireland
would be totally different, because unlike places like France and Spain,
where the Romans took their organized government systems with them, England
took massive Roman Catholic missionary campaigns based out of Germany and
Ireland sometime in the last millenium to introduce the fundamental ideas of
government and principles that made England the way it was.  England might
have otherwise continued to develop into separate nations, like the way
Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands are separate political
bodies today.  England might have not been able to stick together the way it
did when Viking invaders started coming over from Denmark.  In addition, the
whole reason the Normans invaded England was because one Norman noble wanted
the English throne.  What if there hadn' been ONE organized English throne
to quarrel over?  More than 99% of words in English today came from Norman
French, AFTER the invasion.

My point is that things would be TOTALLY different without the existence of
the religions earth had, and the entire western world would be different
without Christianity.  When it comes to language and system of government,
Katworld is just too similar to earth not to also have the same religious

I did it again.  I used my brain, when I was really hoping to keep it a
secret.  *SIGH* ... I guess that's what happens when you start to study
history, geography and linguistics intensively in your spare time. =^^=


Noah Sproat "H@rd Drive" <>