Subject: Re: Female kats, cat faces?
From: (Edo Andromedo)
Date: 9/29/1996 2:37 AM

I think that the 'Kats females don't have cat faces... with the
exception of Callie in a few eps... like Deady Pyramid...

Er, I think that in "The Deadly Pyramid" her face look like human face.

Has anyone seen Kris/Melissa? Anyone seen her??

Well, she (Kris) forgot to be mention in the "siblings" topic. And no, we
haven't *seen* one of her posting to the list.

(I wonder... if the 'Kats have an equivilent of
Christmas, do have Christmas carols?)

I'm not going into that subject (Christmas) again.

Okay, I'll stop now...
<Mindy-voice> Okay, I love ya buh-bye!! <cute batting-eyelashes eyes>

Hi Terra, are you interested on making a SK episode guide?

BTW, where is the synopsies for your stories?