Subject: More kat stuff
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 9/29/1996 10:33 PM

Looks like my request for kat-birthdays has been netting me a fairly
steady flow of responses.  Keep those cards and letters coming,
folks!  <grin>  I'll post a list of the October birthday kats around
the end of this week or so.

Edo asks about episode guides.  I know there are a few episode guides
floating around the net, including one which I typed up myself from
_Toon Magazine_.  I'll send it out upon request, or if there's enough
requests I'll go ahead and post to the list.

JF:  Would it be possible that Kats (young teen) would be dying their
   fur with shades Purple, Blue, etc.?

It's possible, tho this certainly wouldn't be as permanent as getting a
tattoo as the fur would have to be re-dyed periodically.  It's like
those hair coloring kits you see in the store.  Can you imagine teenage
kittens dyeing their fur fluorescent green?  Ick.

HD:  It makes sense that every earth religion would also exist on
   Katworld, because Katworld is just too similar to earth for them not
   to exist.

Doc Konway's already commented on this, so all I'll add is that there
is no evidence of religion in the Kats series except for Volcanus, 
something like the Hawaiian fire goddess Pele.

On the stray thoughts side, probably indicative of a kat who could use
a katnap (;-) -- what would the likely "normal" body temperature of a
Kat be?  Personally, I suspect it'd be something like around 101.5 deg F
(around 38 or 39 deg C), since I read somewhere that *cats* have roughly
that warm a body temperature.  Perhaps having a fur coat has something to
do with it.  <grin>