Subject: YAY! Our kat team still has their jobs!
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 9/28/1996 12:54 PM

   Just found out . . . despite the horrible situation the new JQ is in, the
production team of the yet-to-air-but-one-Davis Doi JQ episodes, made by
Davis, Lance Falk, Glenn Leopold and others, is not in risk of losing their
jobs (currently). I am no longer allowed to quote my sources (but you can
all take a lucky guess), but the ones in the frying pan are basically guys
higher up on the production scale--this is above Davis, and he's a
producer--not the creative people like animators. I don't know about a
company location change, but I don't think they'll bother; after all, the
team is the same. That means whatever mail you guys want to send to the old
kat team is perfectly okay for a while--the address is fine. 

Dr. Jake Clawson
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