Subject: Re: listmail replies
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 9/28/1996 11:08 AM

Julian Ho writes:
Dana Uehara wrote:
Me:  ["The Giant Bacteria"] is one of the few episodes where someone
   (Warden Meese) is actually killed on-screen.

Huh? Which episode did Warden Meese appear in anyway, "Chaos in Crystal" or
"The Giant Bacteria"?

Sorry, I meant "Chaos..."
I stand corrected.
(Haven't seen "Giant Bacteria" in quite a while as it is.)

Gregory, the photographer, jumped out before his (Dr Sinian's actually)
jeep blew up?

The Megakat Geographic photographer?  That was Randall, not Gregory.
His jeep smashed into the side of the mountain, but he was thrown
clear from it and managed to run away.  What kind of surprises
me about this, however, is that his voice credit is listed in the
episode, even though he isn't a main character in the ep.  

In other news:  I caught an episode of "Felix the Cat" on CBS this
morning and noticed that Charlie Adler was listed in the end credits
as the voice of Felix (previously it was Thom Hernandez, voice of
Lexington on Gargoyles).  I guess Charlie Adler went from one kat
(T-Bone) to another.  <grin>

"Cry Turmoil"/"SWAT Kats Unplugged" is the Kats ep on the Cartoon
Network this week, btw -- for anyone who's keeping tabs on the series.