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Date: 9/28/1996 8:47 AM
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Dana Uehara wrote:
Me:  ["The Giant Bacteria"] is one of the few episodes where someone
   (Warden Meese) is actually killed on-screen.

Huh? Which episode did Warden Meese appear in anyway, "Chaos in Crystal" or
"The Giant Bacteria"?

I did a double-take at one of the scenes in "The Deadly Pyramid," where
a tour bus full of tourists is forced off a cliff and is later picked
up and thrown at an Enforcer chopper....
... Still, two Enforcer choppers are nailed in the same scene, and nobody
is shown ejecting from them.  I think it's safe to assume we can add
a few Enforcer bodies to the kats' body count.

Yeah, this episode surprised me too. No casualty in the civilians.
Not only did the bus driver and the tourists escape, did anyone notice that
Gregory, the photographer, jumped out before his (Dr Sinian's actually)
jeep blew up?
A running gag a friend and I had on the MUCKs was a puppet named "Ensign
Extra," an Enforcer who would always get hit in an attack.  He'd be the
one you'd see that would be killed, maimed, etc.  (Talk about an unlucky

Bwa-Ha-Ha! ROTFL
There goes Ensign Extra's 9 lives! ;-D
The only dialogue he'll ever say if he appears in the show will probably be
"Aaarrgh!" before he got hit.

Wonder if I should mention that I had a rather strange dream last night
where I was seeing a new Kats episode, but didn't know that it was a 
new episode?  By the time I figured out what was going on, it was too
late for me to tape the bloody thing.  I don't remember offhand what
the story was at the time, unfortunately.

Who knows? Dame Destiny is pretty fickle sometimes. If SK has new episodes
coming, you've probably predicted the future. Prepare to change history!
Deja Vu always ring twice.

I used to wish that the Japanese SFX shows should be made in the U.S. But
then Saban introduces MMPR, which I had a love-hate relationship with the
Now, I wish I hadn't made THAT wish!

Remember the old saying: "Be careful what you wish for, you might just get

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