Subject: Re: Some points to ponder . . .
From: (Edo Andromedo)
Date: 9/28/1996 5:44 AM

JULIAN HO wrote:
1.)     Wonder if any Kats who joined the Enforcers knew that it'll be a
short-lived career?

I think that the Enforcers got all of those kats in the same way on how the
Imperial navy in Star Wars got all of those Storm Troppers.

2.)     Could the Enforcers be really an army of Kat-klones, like Judge Dredd?
All the Enforcers look the same to me.

Well, there is one unique Enforcer in "SWAT Kats Unplugged".

4.)     If the TurboKat has laser weaponery, how did Razor built it?

Razor probably didn't built it, he probably took it from the scrap yard and
installed it on the TurboKat.

Could radioactive substances be dumped in the Salvage Yard illegally?

Why not? The Salvage Yard in MegaKat City seem to be a dumping ground for
everything. From aircraft fuselage to robot criminals.

5.)     How did Manx get re-elected each year? If Feral had already admitted
Manx's incompetence, why would the citizens of Megakat City not realised

Where there is only one candidate, there is only one choice. I guess that
there is no one stupid enough or crazy enough to run for mayor of MegaKat
City besides Manx.