Subject: Re: (only a few comments)
From: (Herald-Mage Tlyria)
Date: 9/28/1996 7:12 AM

Heeeey! I got a new nick!!! :):P

Quick question, since I've only seen a few eps... do *any* of the female
Kats have cat-like faces?

Only if you view them from the side.

Has anyone beside me think that from the side, Razor looks like a dog?

Oooooo! :):) No, Razor don't look like no dog t' me, sir, but that might be 
'cause you were drunk at th' time...

But I think that the 'Kats females don't have cat faces... with the 
exception of Callie in a few eps... like Deady Pyramid... <brrrr, teeth 
chatter, chatter> It's cooooooooold heeeeeereeee!
I guess that the earth in earthquake isn't necesary means Earth.

I suspect "earth" in this case means "ground" or "dirt".

I agree to your opinion.

I've always stayed away from that because there could be a paradox there. If
the kat's planet was named anything other than Earth, then they might have
another way of saying Earth.

Earth, Gaia (is that how you spell it?) Mother Earth, and yes, even my 
name... Terra! :P/;D
Er, Terra as in Terra Chang? I was refering to that Terra.

<whining>I wanna have ona those happen soon! I miss her clogging up my mail

Aww... I'm loved... ;D

Ryaaaaaaaan... it's not *MY* fault the teachers love giving homework; it's 
not *MY* fault that my parents won't let me get on the 'Net on weekdays 
<sniff>; it's not my fault either that I'm freezing cold (I have a blanket 
over my shoulders and I'm *still* freezing) or that now I'm depressed and I 
want to buy a movie my parents would probably say "No" to... or maybe not... 
after all, they let me borrow it, so they shouldn't mind if I buy it the 
next time we go to the malll....... I'm babbling again, aren't I? Script! 
Where's the script! I need script! <Terra leaves briefly and comes back with 
a sheaf of papers in her hand> Okay! Wrong script! Sorry! :P

So... I escaped from ScHoOl, however briefly. Yes!!!!
(I'm always here, guys... I'm just not talking... I wouldn't lurk so much if 
we had a listbeast... but that might be dangerous

my two biggest problems...

Am I clogging your mail server yet, Ryan? ;)

Nemesis... Razor... T-Bone... Jake... Chance... you... me... and a partridge 
in a pear treeeeeeeeeee!!!

Has anyone seen Kris/Melissa? Anyone seen her??


Now try singing that! (I wonder... if the 'Kats have an equivilent of 
Christmas, do have Christmas carols?)

Okay, I'll stop now...
<Mindy-voice> Okay, I love ya buh-bye!! <cute batting-eyelashes eyes>

Terra Chang
Insanity is a playground for the unimaginitive.
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