Subject: Re:
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 9/27/1996 1:45 PM

Edo wrote:
And, DJ, you're stories are NEVER difficult to read - difficult to
stop reading, maybe, but never difficult to read.

Cause if I do stop, I will probably forgot which part of the story that I
had already read. You stories are big, but they are good, DJ, please do
write a lot of them.

    I'll try! As I mentioned before, "X-File #10-1115" is still on hold, but
it should start up again with the XF season premiere next week. I just
dropped one of my honors classes because all these honors and APs are taking
up too much of my time, so I may start up the writing again soon.
    So do you want "The Watcher Files.." when it comes out?

DJ! Could you draw us a kat skeleton?

   Sorry, but I can't do bones so well. 

Dr. Jake Clawson
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