Subject: listmail replies
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 9/27/1996 7:09 PM

Me:  ["The Giant Bacteria"] is one of the few episodes where someone
   (Warden Meese) is actually killed on-screen.
Daniel:  There are others, although the show tries to be indirect about
Noah:  The implied deaths that linger the most in my mind are when the
   bacterium in "The Giant Bacteria" ate an entire subway car full of

I did a double-take at one of the scenes in "The Deadly Pyramid," where
a tour bus full of tourists is forced off a cliff and is later picked
up and thrown at an Enforcer chopper.  My first impression was that the
tourists were never able to escape the bus, and when both the bus and
chopper were destroyed, the implied deaths really stood out.  However,
if you look *closely*, you can see the kats running from the overturned
bus when Razor targets the mummies.  It's a very brief scene, however,
so it's very easy to overlook.

Still, two Enforcer choppers are nailed in the same scene, and nobody
is shown ejecting from them.  I think it's safe to assume we can add
a few Enforcer bodies to the kats' body count.

Edo:  So I guess that if [pilots] stay afloat long enough till help
   arrives, the trainning is a success?

It is if the purpose of the training is to survive long enough for
help to arrive.  I remember learning a technique in swimming called
the "survival float" -- you float face down in the water, arms and legs
hanging (the air in your lungs will keep you afloat), and push down
to raise your head enough to take a breath.  Repeat as necessary.

Julian:  1.)	Wonder if any Kats who joined the Enforcers knew that
   it'll be a short-lived career?

For some reason I'm reminded of a line from Super Chicken:
"You knew the job was dangerous when you took it!"

   2.)	Could the Enforcers be really an army of Kat-klones?

A running gag a friend and I had on the MUCKs was a puppet named "Ensign
Extra," an Enforcer who would always get hit in an attack.  He'd be the
one you'd see that would be killed, maimed, etc.  (Talk about an unlucky

   4.)	If the TurboKat has laser weaponery, how did Razor built it?
   Could radioactive substances be dumped in the Salvage Yard illegally?

Don't forget that Razor *is* a weapons expert.  With the arsenal
available at the salvage yard (it's more than likely that
non-operational weapons, such as bazookas, etc. have been sent to the
yard), all Razor would need to do is find a laser, fix it and then
remodel it for the jet.

   5.)	How did Manx get re-elected each year?

Given that Manx is virtually nothing without Callie, I suspect he's had
Callie help him in his campaign.  Manx probably also has the money to
keep him in office (the power ends up in the hands of whoever has the
most money).  I smell a potential kat-scandal brewing here;  Feral
supplies Manx with money for his campaign, and Manx gives Feral whatever
he wants.  May be dirty, but that's poltiics for you.

Simon:  Katnip is probably a killer aphrodisiac! Oysters? Pah!

In small amounts, Katnip might be have some medicinal value, but in
large amounts (and especially in concentrated form) it's a controlled
substance.  Remember "The Metallikats"?

   I believe that Prof. Hackle mentions at the beginning of ["The Deadly
   Pyramid"] that he had been working on Cybertron for *months*.

Did he spend months *working* on it or months *perfecting* it?

Ed:  Sounds a lot like Ted Turner/Captain Planet TreeHuggerSpeak to me.

One of the things that killed a Kats ep for me plotwise ("Caverns Of
Horror") was that it seemed far too Captain Planet-esque for my taste
(illegally dumped toxic waste mutating a few rock scorpions).  I
almost expected someone to yell "Go Planet!" during the episode.  :-P

   Actually I'm not too hopeful that SK will come back, although I'd
   love to see that, and the recent Warner merger offers hope.

Wonder if I should mention that I had a rather strange dream last night
where I was seeing a new Kats episode, but didn't know that it was a 
new episode?  By the time I figured out what was going on, it was too
late for me to tape the bloody thing.  I don't remember offhand what
the story was at the time, unfortunately.

   In SK TedCo had an outstanding property, but botched the licensing
   horribly, and then had the gall to cancel the show because of poor
   performance of licensed merchandise, which was never available when
   the show was being aired.

Then the merchandise, of course, comes out *after* the show is 
cancelled.  Go figure.

BTW, I've been hearing reports of some Kats action figures being sighted,
but I don't think they're readily available (in other words, it's likely
you'll have to hunt for them).

   SK had in essence no licensing/promotional campaign at the start of
   the show.

The story I heard (tho this was back in January '95) was that the
merchandise wasn't marketed properly because of miscommunication.
Headache after headache piled up as people tried to get the merchandise
done, and finally someone said, "forget it, let's just can the whole
thing."  The merchandise deal fell through, and as a result, the show
was yanked midway through its second season of production.

Regal:  Look at Commander Feral. One of his few good traits is that
   he's courageous.

Courageous and somewhat of a glory-hound.  Remember what he did to Chance
and Jake, then blamed *his* mistake on *them*?

Someone (DJ?) made Hackle Jake's father in fanfic.  Assuming that Jake's
last name (Clawson) is the name he actually uses (and not a pseudonym),
does that mean that Jake may have been adopted, and thus might not even
*know* that Hackle is his father?