Subject: Some points to ponder . . .
From: "Julian Ho" <>
Date: 9/27/1996 5:16 AM
To: "SWAT ||Kats Mailing List" <>

1.)	Wonder if any Kats who joined the Enforcers knew that it'll be a
short-lived career? I bet they didn't read the fine print: "You are
entitled to get blown up by super villains in the line of duty." ;-)

2.)	Could the Enforcers be really an army of Kat-klones, like Judge Dredd?
All the Enforcers look the same to me.

3.)	If Chance really lived up to his name-sake, imagine the wierd
encounters the SWAT Kats will have. A day in Chance's live will probably be
as interesting as Chance Harper in the show "Strange Luck".

4.)	If the TurboKat has laser weaponery, how did Razor built it? Could
radioactive substances be dumped in the Salvage Yard illegally?

5.)	How did Manx get re-elected each year? If Feral had already admitted
Manx's incompetence, why would the citizens of Megakat City not realised

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