Subject: Re: listmail replies
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 9/27/1996 8:35 PM

Someone (DJ?) made Hackle Jake's father in fanfic.  Assuming that Jake's
last name (Clawson) is the name he actually uses (and not a pseudonym),
does that mean that Jake may have been adopted, and thus might not even
*know* that Hackle is his father?

   This was dicussed from two different views in my fanfiction.
   "Children of the Stone" took the stance that a) Hackle was his father,
and changed his name from the original "Clawson" for security reasons, and
b) Jake grew up with him, and those two scenes in the series that contradict
this didn't happen. It's an explanation for Jake getting some of his
firepower (as I said before, imagine this: "Hey dad, can I borrow the laser
tonight? Chance and I are going out..." Hackle, according to the fanfic,
does know his son is a SWAT Kat, but doesn't quite approve of it (there was
some dialogue about this in both "Children..." and "Awakenings")
    "Reunion" took another side : a) Hackle was his father (with the name
change for the same reasons and b) Jake doesn't know it. In "Reunion" Hackle
disappeared when Jake was 2. If you want the full explanation, go read the
story while Edo's site is still up (hey, it's only 60 Kb) or e-mail me.
    I mentioned it to Davis Doi that Hackle really looked like Jake with a
beard, and he said he hadn't really realized it until I brought it up.

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