Subject: Re: Uh oh
From: chance
Date: 9/27/1996 10:02 PM

At 12:11 AM 9/28/96 EDT, Ed Rudnicki wrote:

While I don't recall much advertising either, apart from spots on
TBS and TNT, TedCo had a massive presence at Toy Fair in February
and especially at Licensing 96 in June. These are trade-only (ha! :)
shows held in NYC each year, and are very much "behind the scenes".

Yeah...I understand that execs at all levels of Turner started to get cold
feet WRT the property ( where have we heard THAT before...),
and a lot of the "ad blitz" just never materialized.  Early plans and what 
actually came to fruition don't even appear casually related.  They *are*
planning some kind of ad campaign to launch Davis' eps (evidently
after reading some suggestion of same on rec.arts.animation!!), but since
they aired the first one when they weren't supposed to, I dunno if that's
still in the cards.  It'd be kind of anticlimactic, IMO.  

As far as Ed's earlier summary of JQ vs. Kats goes...exactly right.
The scary thing is that most of the H-B types realized it too: they've
all gone save Seibert and one other.  I'm not sure if the exodus coupled
with the merger will act as some kind of executive diuretic WRT the flow
of common sense, but it is movement in a definable direction - if at the 
speed of the continental drift.

I seem to be giving up on TV in general these days, with a few exceptions.

Ditto. Sigh....

Greed.  All greed.  18-49 beer-swilling race-car-driver wannabe's simply
don't have the attention span for anything requiring the volt or two
necessary to trip the average EEG machine, and that's the kind of
deep-pockets blue-collar knob that the programming is geared
towards...with a few imaginitive exceptions falling into the realm of
"highbrow".  "SwatKats" fell nicely within that last category.

'Stupid' and 'unimaginitive' are the primary symptoms of the most virulent
plague currently known to man.  Ironic how the cause of same and the
"Center for Disease Control" are both conveniently located in Atlanta.

Andy (who had an extra helping of Kellogg's Nasty Snax this morning...)