Subject: Re: Uh oh
From: Ed Rudnicki
Date: 9/27/1996 7:57 AM

Yvonne Bennett:
Hey, JQ isn't *that* bad.
Although one episode had me wondering if some New-Age person had written
the script.  (The one with whales, dolphins, + QuestWorld)

Sounds a lot like Ted Turner/Captain Planet TreeHuggerSpeak to me.

why are you hopeful that JQ does bad?  Or do you mean you're hopeful that
SK will come back?

Actually I'm not too hopeful that SK will come back, although I'd
love to see that, and the recent Warner merger offers hope.

But I do want to see JQ fail miserably, as poetic justice. In SK
TedCo had an outstanding property, but botched the licensing
horribly, and then had the gall to cancel the show because of poor
performance of licensed merchandise, which was never available when
the show was being aired.

With JQ TedCo went to the other extreme, with a massive licensing
and promotional campaign, well in advance of the show's debut, for
what is IMHO a rehash and an inferior property.

Put simply, SK had in essence no licensing/promotional campaign at
the start of the show, which is where one does such things, while 
JQ had millions poured into licensing and promotion. TedCo made a
horrible mistake in the way they botched SK, but other good,
creative people paid for that mistake (not to mention the fans). I
want to see JQ fail as poetic justice for that mistake, not to
mention my objections to the property itself ("No sir, I don't like
it; not one bit." :). YMMV.