Subject: Re: Assorted furballs
From: "Julian Ho" <>
Date: 9/27/1996 3:52 AM
To: <>, "H@rd Drive" <>

H@rd Drive wrote:
The implied deaths that linger the most in my mind are when the bacterium
in "The Giant Bacteria" ate an entire subway car full of people...  I
was shocked, and to me it set apart SK from any other non-adult
cartoon I'd seen before it.

Egads! You're right!

That scene is pretty disturbing, but consider this: if the bacterium passed
through the city in order to get to the lab, think of the body count. "The
Giant Bacteria" probably has the biggest implied body counts in SK ( or any
other non-adult cartoon). Around a few hundred, maybe.

I think Dr Clawson once told me that me that the scene had "no one is eaten
on the train" because everyone in the train was eaten WITH the train!
Gruesome!  {-p


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