Subject: Re: (only a few comments)
From: Pastmaster
Date: 9/27/1996 7:18 PM

Quick question, since I've only seen a few eps... do *any* of the female
Kats have cat-like faces?

Only if you view them from the side.

Has anyone beside me think that from the side, Razor looks like a dog? It's
probably just me being out of date and out of touch to such an extent that
I'm going crazy... again.
I guess that the earth in earthquake isn't necesary means Earth.

I suspect "earth" in this case means "ground" or "dirt".

I agree to your opinion.

I've always stayed away from that because there could be a paradox there. If
the kat's planet was named anything other than Earth, then they might have
another way of saying Earth.
But the thing that I don't want to see or hear or read or feel is a
terraquake, I'm a little bit affraid if that happen.

Better idea, if it happens on this planet, call it an Earthquake.

Er, Terra as in Terra Chang? I was refering to that Terra.

<whining>I wanna have ona those happen soon! I miss her clogging up my mail
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