Subject: Re: (only a few comments)
From: Yvonne Bennett
Date: 9/27/1996 8:54 PM

At 05:10 AM 9/28/96 +0700, Edo Andromedo wrote:
I mean, do any of them have mouths that look
like this:                      (nose)
                                / \
                             `-'   `-'
Like all the male kats seem to have?

Er, I don't think so. Female kats nose seem to look like a triangle.

No, no, no... not counting the nose... the mouth itself!  the line between
the nose and mouth...  (Adding in the nose would have added more ascii)

here's another example.  cat smiley  :3
                         human smiley  :)

Male Kats seem to have the cat smiley, and female Kats seem to have the human
smiley... or at least the ones I've seen do.

Er, Terra as in Terra Chang? I was refering to that Terra.

Sorry, didn't catch that.  I thought you meant "Terra" as in "the other name
for Earth."

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